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Kanika Gupta is an alumnus of the JJ School of Art, Mumbai

Kanika has done Summer Residency with School of Visual Arts in New York.

Since 2009-2021, Kanika had built iktaara

into a design house offering both gift products made from her art.

Her works have been published by Bloomsbury India, Juggernaut among others. Kanika began the movement of adult colouring and doodling workshops– a great Sunday morning activity at Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

Notable Achievements:

            •           Named by Home Review Designquest as one among their 5 Young Indian Designers under 35,

            •           Awarded the Silver for best Wedding Invite Design at the GIW Awards.

            •           Invited to conduct doodling and art workshops at at TEDx events,Bangalore International Centre, IIM- Ahemdabad, Schools and more.


Kanika has a weekly art comic with Sunday Midday, Mumbai


Art shows:

Indian Art festival 2018

Art Maadhyam, Bangalore

Nippon Art Gallery

Group show with iart,2023

Represented by

Iart, Bangalore

The House Of Things


Artist Statement

Artist Statement :

Art making for me is a media that connects me to an untapped and unexplored part of my inner world. It is joy and peace. The connection of the pen and pencil tip with the canvas and my mind is a celebration of just being and exploring. It immerses me in the present moment.

Most of my work is spontaneous without a plan and the flow of my pen and pencil guides me to what's next.

I use mostly pen on paper or canvas and coloured pencils.

The process of my spontaneous work is more effortless and is not based on the fear of the outcome, it rather ends me in a pleasant surprise and wonder.

Some of works do begin with a plan, when i know there is aparticular image i want to create and achieve.

My inspiration celebrates spirituality, scriptures, stories and messages from sacred texts, life of saints, nature.

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